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A Disruptive NLP for Dating Apps

GameChanger is a unique AI protocol helping socially-challenged individuals perform better on dating apps.

Changing the Dating Game

Ben I matched with a hot red hair nerd girl, I see in her profile she's into anime. What's the best opening line I should try? 7.52 PM Rate it
Ben I matched with a hot red hair nerd girl, I see in her profile she's into anime. What's the best opening line I should try? 7.52 PM Rate it

Changing the Dating Game

💎 GameChanger utilizes proprietary artificial intelligence chatbot trained on hundreds of thousands of chat messages aggregated from different dating apps to predict and mimic response patterns.

💸 Since the AI is carefully trained on datasets contributed by the community, supporters of the project share the project’s success and can earn passive lifetime Royalties generated from global usage of the GameChanger app.

A Blue Chip Utility Project

The Opportunity

The Opportunity

Untapped & Ready To Go

The online dating market is expected to surpass $3.5B by 2028, It is a high value industry with high LTV which is at the cusp of transitioning into AI tools and services - presenting now an early entry to an untapped market opportunity.

Self-Help 2030
US $67B
In 2022
US $43.7B
CAGR (Asia)

AI & Dating Integrations


AI chatbot that predicts behavioral patterns on dating apps and helps users self-improve their fluency and pick up skills using NLP processes


Hyper realistic relationship simulator presenting evolving-in-complexity scenarios as a tool for learning and preparation for relationship scenarios


VR Academy employing deepfake and AI-generated models for confidence-building immresive sessions and projection of real-world encounters

Examples: marketplace skins

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Community Shared Success

  • A Blue-Chip in the making
    An AI technology startup with high-demand actual real-world use cases in an explosive industry
  • Visionary Project
    The trajectory of self-growth and dating apps is set to parabolically expand in the coming years with AI integration
  • Robust Business Model
    Multiple revenue sources, including Paid Subscriptions, Memberships, Ad Revenue, and Product Placements.

Transform your rizz into a source of income. Our chatbot empowers you to monetize your capabilities by querying your contribution to training the AI

Lifetime Royalties

  • Chat monetization
  • AI queries earning
  • Revenue-share

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LP Airdrop: Completed

Join the Game

As a data-dependent technology, the tokenomics of are designed to reward members throughout various phases of the startup’s development and AI training, and especially DAO members who participate in helping the project reach new heights.

  • Contribute Training Data to receive special airdrop allocation
  • The allocation size is compounded by the quality of the data
  • Pioneer privileges for Early contributors


What is the

We're a startup developing an advanced NLP chatbot that uses interactions contributed by the community to predict, to a high degree of accuracy, interactions on dating apps. As a startup combining AI and Web3 to build a disruptive technology in a massive $43.7B industry, is a truly disruptive game changing project.
$GACH is the native utility token required for accessing benefits on the app and ecosystem. Users can redeem the token for early access, discounted memberships, holders-only content, premium services and products, unlocking different tiers, and other perks.
GACH Token will be first listed on selected DEX in accordance with its roadmap. The contract address is published in the link above.
As a decentralized enterprise we are committed to building a community where members get rewards solely based on their contributions, so you can participate anonymously.

Contract Address


The Devs

Just a group of industry veterans and top-tier talents (world-class level) driven by a passion for crypto and technology innovation. The dev leader is a data and AI expert, and a recipient of national scientific awards in the realm of AI. The rest of the devs have been part of crypto since the early days and are well-connected in the industry.

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